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Le Feet Lab

Le Feet Lab
P.O. Box 2988
Winter Park, Colorado 80482


(800) 322.8567 or (970) 726.9841

 Owner Jacques Thomas, a former ski instructor, ski coach, and technical ski advisor, has more than 30 years experience in ski boot fitting and fabrication of custom orthotics and footbeds. 

Early in his career, Jacques realized that the ski boot was the most important piece of equipment and that 90% of a racer's performance came down to the boot fit. Using his boot fitting skills as an important component of his coaching, he's helped improve the performance of some of the top skiers in the world, including racers on French and U.S. national teams, World Cup teams, and Olympic teams. 

In just one visit, we can make custom orthotics that will change your life.  Orthotics can alleviate foot pain, improve sports performance and help prevent repetitive injuries. 

At Le Feet Lab in downtown Winter Park Colorado, it is all about your feet!


OWNERS:  Jacques and Jacqueline Thomas